Cognate Identification to improve Phylogenetic trees for Indian Languages

Some Strategies to Capture Karaka-Yogyata with Special Reference to apadana

In today’s digital world language technology has gained importance. Several software, have been developed and are available in the field of computational linguistics. Such tools play a crucial role in making classical language texts easily …

Hindi Wordnet for Language Teaching: Experiences and Lessons Learnt

New Vistas to study Bhartṛhari: Cognitive NLP

A sentence is an important notion in the Indian grammatical tradition. The collection of the definitions of a sentence can be found in the text ‘Vākyapadīya’ written by Bhartṛhari in fifth century C.E. The grammarian-philosopher Bhartṛhari and his …

Semi-automatic WordNet Linking using Word Embeddings

Synthesizing Audio for Hindi Wordnet

Sarcasm Suite: A browser-based engine for sarcasm detection and generation

Sarcasm Suite is a browser-based engine that deploys five of our past papers in sarcasm detection and generation. The sarcasm detection modules use four kinds of incongruity: sentiment incongruity, semantic incongruity, historical context incongruity …

Mapping it differently: A solution to the linking challenges

Sophisticated Lexical Databases - Simplified Usage: Mobile Applications and Browser Plugins For Wordnets

PanchBhoota: Hierarchical phrase based machine translation systems for five Indian languages