pyiwn: A Python-based API to access Indian Language WordNets

Is your Statement Purposeless? Predicting Computer Science Graduation Admission Acceptance based on Statement Of Purpose

Sarcasm Suite: A browser-based engine for sarcasm detection and generation

Sarcasm Suite is a browser-based engine that deploys five of our past papers in sarcasm detection and generation. The sarcasm detection modules use four kinds of incongruity: sentiment incongruity, semantic incongruity, historical context incongruity …

A picture is worth a thousand words: Using OpenClipArt library for enriching IndoWordNet

Civique: Using Social Media to detect Urban Emergencies

Sophisticated Lexical Databases - Simplified Usage: Mobile Applications and Browser Plugins For Wordnets

That’ll do fine!: A coarse lexical resource for English-Hindi MT, using polylingual topic models

TransChat: Cross-Lingual Instant Messaging for Indian Languages

Using multilingual topic models for improved alignment in English-Hindi MT

World WordNet database structure: an efficient schema for storing information of WordNets of the world