machine translation

Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation

The focus of this tutorial is to cover the breadth of the literature on recent advances in Unsupervised Machine Translation. The tutorial will help the audience in getting started with unsupervised machine translation. The tutorial will span over …

Harnessing Cross-lingual Features to Improve Cognate Detection for Low-resource Languages

Cognates are variants of the same lexical form across different languages; for example 'fonema' in Spanish and 'phoneme' in English are cognates, both of which mean 'a unit of sound'. The task of automatic detection of cognates among any two …

That’ll do fine!: A coarse lexical resource for English-Hindi MT, using polylingual topic models

TransChat: Cross-Lingual Instant Messaging for Indian Languages

Using multilingual topic models for improved alignment in English-Hindi MT

PaCMan: Parallel Corpus Management Workbench

We present a Parallel Corpora Management tool that aides parallel corpora generation for the task of Machine Translation (MT). It takes source and target text of a corpus for any language pair in text file format, or zip archives containing multiple …

PanchBhoota: Hierarchical phrase based machine translation systems for five Indian languages